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The Works of Fernando Suárez, surprise us by the intelligent and visceral modelling interpretation of the represented objects, as well as the creative ability, the refined constructive technique and his reformist idea as to the treatment of the formal aspects in conventional objects at first sight.


Coming from a concept based on strictly realist principles, backed in a firm academic background, Fernando Suárez disintegrates the shapes to a  neorepresentational expressionism. A thorough drawing that offers a disintegrating view of the object, that gives his works a balanced force by the structural hardness of the composing outlines.


The movement, present like a constant in each and every work that forms the exhibition, gives an essential dynamism. The objects wander in the lounge as if this  were the perfect place for a fantastic scenography, where beings gifted with an unusual futurist magic, roam freely in another time or another place.


The interaction of materials so diverse as iron and bronze with different types of resins make up an outstanding contribution in the constructive methodology of  contemporary sculptural processes.





                                                                                                    PALOMA AVILES.

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